VPGAME Matket Guide Translation

author: VPGAME Time: 2015/06/30

VPGAME Market 

is the place where you may put up any items from your VP inventory to the market place for sale. 

Buying items:

Search the items in the market, then click "buy now", if there is no more this items, it'll show "sold out"


Choose the amount and check the price, please be sure you have enough p coin, you can add it into cart too, so that you can buy some items together.



If want to buy something in our market, and you can't find it, you can go to my vp>dota2 inventory, click want

Then you can search the things and set the price, the p coin will be deducted after you confirm the purchase.If the price is too low, it will be examined by us first

You can cancel the purchase on MY VP>My purchase

Sell items

Go to my vp>dota2 inventory, choose an item, click sell, then set the price and you can add some descriptions.