Roll Rules

author: VPGAME Time: 2015/07/03



VPGame Items Roll Giveaway platform is created for all E-sports Enthusiasm (VPGame Registered/Certified Member) around the world to promote themselves. Through this platform, E-sports Enthusiasm could increase their fame and their fans, and in return they can giveaway items by random rolling to the participated fans.

Who can Participate

All VPGame registered members who already SteamID bind, and agreed to comply to the rules and regulations of Items Roll Giveaway.

Rules and Regulations

Items Roll Giveaway "Room" Arrangement.

Every "room" created by VPGAME registered members will be automatically arranged to the top according to latest time when it was created.

Automatic Items Rolling Function

If the giveaway creator did not activate the roll function within 30 minutes after the closing time, VPGame system will automatically activate the roll
function to help giving away items to the participants.

Items Delivery

The lucky members who won items in the roll giveaway can check their items in My Inventory or in Joined Roll individual giveaway which labeled 
with WON. All won items will always delivered to winner inventory automatically.

Account Blacklisting

VPGame will be blacklisting whoever intentionally abuse the Items Roll Giveaway.

Act of Abuse Definition

Below are the definitions for act of abuse. Those who abuse will be blacklisted and forever ban from participating or creating any Items Roll Giveaway.

1.Intentionally create multiple Room, and each room total items to roll value were less than 0.30.

2.Intentionally create multiple VPGame account to joined the same Giveaway at the same time.

3.Using illegal way, such as hacking, to manipulate and sabotage the fairness of the Item Roll Giveaway.


Definition of Verified Title


VPGAME verified users have the rights of commenting a match and creating a roll with password

How to verify: submit your vpgame and evidence which can prove you are qualified about it.

Hardcore Talent:

1.       Already game in our website more than 300 times.

2.       VPGAME account level must be more than 10.

3.       The number of cheese must be more than 400.

All 3 requirements must be needed.


Pro Player : 

 Must be a active duty professional player. And the team he belongs to must have participated in TI once or more.(open court does not count). Please offer us your steam profile link and tell us which team you belong to.

Caster :

Must be a caster in a caster platform, and the number of the suscription must more than 500. Please tell us which platform you cast at.(huomaotv douyutv zhanqitv twitch etc...) And give us your broadcast link.


Game Master:

1.       Already game in our website more than 800 times.

2.       Win rate is more than 55.

3.       Total profit must be more than $5000.

All 3 requirements must be needed.


Richman :

1.       Already game in our website more than 300 times.

2.       Total profit must be more than $6000 or less than -$6000.

All 2 requirements must be needed.


Organization :

You must own an organization. It can be E-sport clubs, tournament organizers, facebook groups or other related websites and forums. The fans or members must be more than 1000. And your VPGAME account name must be the same as your organization. Once verified, you can not change the account name and avatar. Once found, your verification will be canceled and can not be verified again. 

Procedure of title verification : Please use the account which you wish to apply for a title, to submit an application in "Feedback". Do state clearly on which title you would like to apply and provide the necessary details and proof to support your application. In future, if we found any comments which is not suitable or abusing, or using Roll with activation code / password to shift items around or perform trading activities, we will not tolerate such acts and revoke your title immediately without prior notice.



VPGame reserves the ultimate rights of the explanation for rules & regulations above.