Game Rules

author: VPGAME Time: 2015/07/02

Game Rules:

1) By placing games in VPGame, you automatically agree with our rules and regulations. 


2) Regarding the value of your items, each item value is determined by VPGame valuation system, which is also refer to Steam Market prices. All items value are updated daily automatically. Due to fluctuation of the items' value, such as items which have very high value but very low trading volume, to fix this issue, system would auto-ban those items for gameting until the volume back to normal. If you do not agree with the value that is given to your item(s) by our system, either place a different item, or do not game at all. 


3) In some cases, if your potential reward value is very low, (generally below 0.03) there is a small chance you may not win something, besides the return of your initial items.


4) We are not responsible for the name tags,description of tags, sockets or gems attached to your items. So, please keep in mind that the item you game, may not be the same one that is returned to you. 


5) For sports gameting, the soccer matches would include counting of time-out, but not for the extra time. However, this rule does not apply to the basketball matches, which inclusive counting of both time-out and extra time as well. 
    5a) The order of the game(left or right) is not meant to be home team or guest/away team, merely a random positioning.

6)Type of Games in VPGame,
    6a)  Handicap: Regarding handicap, "-" means giving handicap points, "+" means accepting handicap points. Team A -0.5 means Team A is giving out handicap points of 0.5. When counting with end results, Team A 0.5 points need to be deducted out, before comparing the final result with Team B.
    6b)  10 Kills: It means whoever team get the first 10 kills in the scoreboard.
    6c)  First Blood: It means whoever team get the first blood (Judging by game system notification, if there is no system notification, the game would be canceled )

7) If the information of game was wrong according to actual match rules, there will be no paying out, as the match will be cancel and all items will be return.   

8) If a situation happened and the game could not proceed further, under the circumstances which the organizer and the teams agree to postpone the game, VPGame will remain the the game for 30hours. If exceeded the wait of 30 hours, the game will be cancel. However if we get contact with the organizer and confirmed that the match will not be continue within 30 hours, we will cancel the game earlier. 


9) Games will be close 5 minutes before the match start. Anytime before the closing of games, teams changing are allowed. 


10)However, if a team forfeits the match:
     10a) In best of one game, if a team quit the game after finishing BAN/PICK, we would accept the opponent of the quit-ed team as the winner.
     10b) In best of 2 or best of 3 match, if a team won the first game and quit the next game later, the game will be cancel. But if the team won the first game and the opponent quit the next game, we will accept the opponent of the quit-ed team as winner.
     10c) In best of 5, if a team already won 2 games, but opponent quit the next game, the leading team will take the final victory. If the leading team quit the next game, the game will be cancel.
     10d) Generally (except for best of one game), the result leading team who quit the rest of the game, the games will be cancel. If the losing team quit the next game, the opponent will take the victory of the match. 

11) The administrator of VPGame will never change the game's information after the match was published, such as handicap gameting and total number of games which will be played. If any information is wrong, the game will be canceled and a new match will be re-publish ASAP for gameting. 

12) If one of the team could not attend a match, the opponent team will gets a default win. Therefore the games will be closed and all items will be returned. 

13) If the game started but games still not close; with the situation of pick/ban stage was done or the first blood was drawn within the first 5 minutes, the game will still be canceled. 

14) It does not matter how many stand-in in a team, when the game started, it means they are representing the team and the game will be count. 

15) When we are finalizing a pay-out, we take in consideration of the actual outcome instead of the game host-er decision or typing "gg" in the chatbox. For example: In SL10, team Virtus Pro should be winning the match, but they accidentally typed gg while in the midst of destroying enemy throne, and the host of the game decide to give them a lost. In this situation, we accept team Virtus Pro as the final winner. 

16) For some of the handicap games, we might pay-out earlier before the game ends.

17) If an unusual situation occur, the game will be on-hold while VPGame team discuss internally for best decision and outcome to resolve the problem.

18) At GMT+8 5.00am – 6.00am everyday, VPGame system will auto-update on the value of the items. This update would not affect the value of the items which have been game. However the difference of value on the same items might occur in the same game, due to before and after of value update by the system. In summary, your items value will be protected once you game before the items value update.

19) VPGame system value the items according to Steam market with tax included. Minimum value of a single item would be 0.01. As long as the potential value is over 0.01, you will receive a payout.

20) DOTA2 items value fluctuated according to the market. However, Valve owns the final rights on deciding item's value and even the market trend as where it fits.

21) If certain items have huge price difference in the same day due to Valve's policy, VPGame will follow the changes as per Steam market price accordingly. As usual, items' value update will proceed everyday at GMT+8 5.00am – 6.00am.

22) Gameting odds change according to total value game on both sides. As usual, if one side is more favored, the odds will be lower due to more items game on the favored team. Gradually, odds will appear to be more stable with more items placed into the match.

23) Although games would be closed 5 minutes before match start, odds could still have minor changes because system might be processing some last minutes games placing.

24) Sometimes closed match would be re-open due to changes on the match scheduling. Most common cases would be previous long hour match delayed the next upcoming matches.

25) When game starts, odds will be locked and stay unchanged. Your potential rewards will based on that final odds. However if there is an unusual situation of high fluctuation on item's value, VPGame will forcibly update on the items value which result with affected odds.


26) When clearing games, we take in our own consideration of the actual cause behind of the situation instead of following the decision of the organizer and referee. For any game/match which already ended and payout, but situation occured resulted with new judgement by organizer or referee, VPGAME will not take in consideration of the new judgement and pay out according to original ended game/match.

Above are the basic rules on how we operate. VPGame reserve the rights to change the rules at anytime without warning. So game at your own risk!!!