author: VPGAME Time: 2015/07/16

Before proceeding to the FAQ, Please read the Vpgame newbie guide:http://dota2.vpgame.com/help/index.html


If you are experiencing lag or unable to open our website.please run cmd and type ping dota2.vpgame.com and give us the screenshots by feedback Feedback channel is on the right side of the webpage, below FAQs .


Q:Bound to fail, save steam data to dota2guess error.


A:change your steam Profile Name between 10 to 20 bytes and try it again.


Q:When you found that the item is not exist in the robot, you can contact customer service or submit feedback.


A:Send a Feedback to the Customer Service, let them help you.


Q:send offer failed, may be the current Steam server busy or transaction security link error.


A:First, you have to ensure that you have already filled in the correct steam community account and Trading Offer Link. If your steam account is available to make any trading request, this problem should not exists. If the problem still occurrs, probably you logged the steam account from new devices, or you changed your steam verified e-mail or steam password. If the methods mentioned above still can’t solve the problem, please send us a Feedback.


Q:You already have a offer waiting to be processed, can not make multiple offers.


A:Please wait patiently at least 10minutes, then try again. If it is still unable to make it, wait for few moment try again. If the same problem lasts for 3 hours, contact us immediately.


Q:You have not fill out a trade offer address.


A:Please go to MY VP ->My Inventory ->Items Deposit , Fill in your trade offer URL.


Q:New binding steam users, can not deposit items within 7 days.


A:You can’t deposit your item to the VP Backpack. But you can participate games directly by using your steam inventory.


Q:Robot {name} has temporarily offline, please replace the robot to retrieve items.


A:Try to choose another Bot and make a request again, if still unable to make it, send us a feedback.


Q:No items in inventory or your steam inventory is not set to open.Click here to modify the steam inventory privacy settings , there will be about five minutes after the new revised privacy delay effect


A:Please set your steam inventory to Public,wait for another 5minutes after doing the setting.If the problem occurrs, send us a feedback.