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author: pop3 Time: 2015/11/10

Dear VPGAME Users:


I list some of the problems that you may come across in our site, read it carefully!

1. What is Handicap 

Lot's of people don't know or notice the type of their game is handicap, and lost the games because of that. So what is handicap? Regarding handicap, "-" means giving handicap points, "+" means accepting handicap points.  Team A -0.5 means Team A is giving out handicap points of 0.5. When counting with end results, Team A 0.5 points need to be deducted out, before comparing the final result with Team B. Let's take one match for example:

The result of this match is 1:1, but it's not a draw, because Arsenal -0.5, so the result in our site is 0.5:1, so The Spurs win the games. Usually Football or basketball game is handicap, be careful. And sometimes CS:GO and DOTA2 has handicap too. In addition, For sports gaming, the soccer matches would include counting of time-out, but not for the extra time. However, this rule does not apply to the basketball matches, which inclusive counting of both time-out and extra time as well. 

2. About Switch Team

We Solemnly declare that VPGAME WILL NOT change anyone's games, please check the record on the page of the match after you put the game or change the team.

Above the red line, it's  the team your games are on now, below the red line, it's the record of the changing team. The first record is the most recent one.

3. About the Title

Here is the standard of how to get a title. . When you want to apply a title, please give us a feedback with the screenshot of those standards that you meet.

4. About the verification code

Some people tell us in the feedback that they can't get the verification code. Our suggestions is wait for 10 minutes and then check the spam list(box), gmail or hotmail has some delay and sometimes they will block our email and send them directly into the spam list. If you still don't find them, please give us a feedback.

5. About the ROLL:

Unless you have a title , you can't create a roll with code. And if there is more than 10 people in the roll, you can't cancel it. Please don't ask us about the code of any roll, because we don't know it.

6. About the Level:

About the level system, login everyday,  game ,trade or sell items, join in or create a roll activities can add your level.

7. About the Offer from the bot:

Steam may crash at some time, When the item is transferred from steam inventory to vpgame inventory or from vp to steam, the item may disappear for some time, if it disappear more than 10mins, please give us a  feedback with the screenshot of the trade offer, we'll fix the problem for you.  

If you are new here and need guide:

For more gaming rules:

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